Sugar Pop

Feminine Candy Boutique

Sugar pop is a small bakery and candy boutique that specializes in the highest end of confectionery cuisine. Aimed towards patrons with a more refined palette, Sugar Pop combines childhood favorites like cotton candy and peppermint sticks with sophisticated flavors such as lavender and cardamom.

The logotype created for the brand is rounded and playful, with Victorian influence. Instead of the large bags candy is normally distributed in, the packaging for Sugar Pop is compartmentalized and small to further express the quality. The illustrations of women created for the brand are done in watercolor with a pastel palette reflective of the candy. In each illustration, an every day item is replaced by the candy being sold in the package. The comprehensive brand is both feminine and upscale.

Photography by Adrienne Armstrong

Design Category

  • Branding
  • Packaging
  • Illustration