Midnight Manor

Halloween Experience

Midnight Manor is an upscale, exclusive horror event in which applicants are added to an online waiting list and, if chosen, sent an invitation to dinner. MM mixes the thrill of haunt festivals with the theatrics and experience of a murder mystery dinner. Guests enjoy a gourmet meal followed by a five hour scare experience throughout the manor.

The brand is inspired by ornate, turn of the century french design that evokes the eerie and sophisticated aesthetic of classic horror films. Midnight Manor’s logo has a unique, structural shape that subtly references the manor itself, and the crest stays true to its lavish inspiration.  A dark, refined color palette is applied to each application, and is accentuated by ornately patterned paper. The photography further emphasizes the supernatural theme with aging effects and victorian ghosted figures.

Photography by Adrienne Armstrong

Design Category

  • Branding
  • Typography