Hayden Planetarium

Brand and Interior

Located in the Rose Center for Earth and Space, the Hayden Planetarium houses a 429 seat theater designed to give museum guests a close and personal look into outer space. The planetarium currently lacks its own branding, so the goal was to create an identity reflective of the theater’s redesign in 2000 while paying tribute to its 80 years of history.

The mark draws its circular shape from the architecture of the building and our solar system planets. The lines and dots reflect constellation maps of the past, tying the logo in to the theater’s historical past. Outage and Brandon Grotesque were chosen for their subtly rounded edges, as well as their modern look. The illustrations spread throughout the brand combine the digital elements of the planets with the handwritten look of maps and charts created by original astronomers. The overall effect is both modern and classic.

Design Category

  • Branding
  • Environmental Graphic Design
  • Illustration