Deadeye Collective

Lifestyle Brand

Deadeye Collective is a lifestyle brand for 25-40 year old men who value adventure and quality. For this project, I collaborated with a colleague to create a line of high end accessories for the modern gentlemen. The illustrative logo is a combination of a cat skull and antlers, to allude to both hunter and prey.

The name Deadeye Collective references the professional sportsman , and is portrayed in Brandon Printed: a textured font that gives it a rustic tone. Because the brand covers a large array of items, it is tied together with font, pattern, color and material. Trend is used for copy text to keep the products looking modern and clean, and a hand-done arrow pattern was created to reference nature. Each item has a limited, neutral color palette and the materials used to house the products keep the brand raw and include leather, wool, and grey chip board. Many of the packages are reusable for storage, and the throwing knife package unfolds into a knife roll and a target.

Photography by Adrienne Armstrong

Design Category

  • Branding
  • Packaging
  • Illustration
  • UI Design