Arts Across the Nation

Nonprofit Website

Arts Across the Nation is a nonprofit organization that strives to keep high school students and their parents informed on the importance of the arts. There is a huge struggle to keep the arts from being cut out of the high school curriculum, and getting vital statistics and information about the difference the arts makes out to families is essential for keeping programs alive.

The branding for AAN was inspired by doodles in notebooks created by students. Essential facts are made more appealing and easier to grasp with doodled diagrams and handwritten titles. Sketches fill the logo and bleed onto each page of the website, which paired with bright playful colors reflect the subject matter and audience. The body copy is set in a friendly serif to keep the site welcoming and photos of various school related supplies are used as tools to further push the education theme.

Design Category

  • Branding
  • UI Design
  • Illustration